The Gift of Going Without

Needing Less Doing More

The Tipsy Taxi and Other Dinghy Misadventures

It took one season, and not even a whole season, for our first dinghy to die.  The dingy was an afterthought anyway.  It had been folded up and stored away in some random warehouse for an undetermined amount of time.  It’s sedentary lifestyle did not deter us, in fact we were looking forward to breathing […]

Ren’s Bird Obsession…Sometimes Pays Off

If you don’t jump, you’ll get “the look”.  The, “I seriously doubt your connection to the natural world” look. A few years before Ani was born in a time we now refer to as W.W.H.T.A. (When We Had Time Alone), Ren and I embarked on our first trip through the Caribbean.  When we hit the […]

Mom’s Fear of the Ocean

I’ve come to realize that the fear of the unknown is better than what you already know can kill you. Sometimes my Mom finds it necessary to remind me that we’re in the middle of nowhere.  This sentiment is usually expressed after our decision to leave the safe confines of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICWW) for […]

When the Gift of Going Without Doesn’t Feel Like a Gift

Sometimes the gift of going without leaves you feeling…well…without.  Take the Olympics for instance.  You know, the international athletic games that are still on-going.  You can catch any facet of the Games if you just know which network to tune in to.  And all of the major networks are featuring the Games.  You may actually […]

Gourmet Galley “Nutty Monkey”

In this video blog Ashley and Ani demonstrate how to make a “Nutty Monkey” smoothy aboard Jade using the NutraBullet. A healthy an delicious treat on a sailboat.   Ingredients: 2-Bananas 2-tbls Natural unsweetened Peanut Butter 2- tbls 100% Cocao 2- Cups non sweetened, non diary milk. (Ashley likes almond and Ren likes Cashew) Blend […]

A Love Letter

You  know, I had a blog entry all written up for this week.  It’s in my little black Moleskin book just waiting for me to type it up, add a picture and send it out to the world.  I opened up the computer to transcribe the already written entry when I realized two things: 1.I […]

Oyster Season

Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. Then he will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine -Proverbs 3:9-10 Oysters!  Oysters were what Ren and I had on our minds as we waited to board our plane from Deadman’s Cay to […]


In a previous blog post I made it clear that hitchhiking was the preferred method of travel here in the Bahamas.  Well, that was before we got the Ruckus.  Before the scooter came along I looked forward to who I was going to meet along the road and the slow journey from Salt Pond to […]

4 Months Out

There is nothing better than to know that you don’t know. -Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching) As Ren and I drive down US 17 South in a rented 10’ Budget moving truck I realize that I am not sure what our plans are.  Yeah, I know where we are headed and when we have to […]

A Look Back Before Looking Forward

Our two year plan: 1.Conquer the world.  If that fails… 2.Dedicate the next two years to freediving and sailing around in Nila Girl. After two years: 1. Figure out if we want to go back to life on land, 8 hour work days, traffic jams, television…. A LOOK BACK BEFORE LOOKING FORWARD 12/6/12 As the […]

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