The Gift of Going Without

Needing Less Doing More

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Mom’s Fear of the Ocean

I’ve come to realize that the fear of the unknown is better than what you already know can kill you. Sometimes my Mom finds it necessary to remind me that we’re in the middle of nowhere.  This sentiment is usually expressed after our decision to leave the safe confines of the Intercoastal Waterway (ICWW) for […]

When the Gift of Going Without Doesn’t Feel Like a Gift

Sometimes the gift of going without leaves you feeling…well…without.  Take the Olympics for instance.  You know, the international athletic games that are still on-going.  You can catch any facet of the Games if you just know which network to tune in to.  And all of the major networks are featuring the Games.  You may actually […]

Nila Girl’s “Gourmet” Galley #1

A spoonful of inspiration.  Lobster quiche made with a lobster Ren harvested baked in our gimbaled oven with a side of grapefruit. Genesis of Nila’s Galley From the early emergence of our plan to purchase a sailboat, then live and travel on her, the boat’s galley became of particular interest to me.  Ren would lie […]

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