Ren and Ashley Chapman share a love for teaching. Since 2009 they have taught countless people to dive to unimaginable depths on a single breath of air through their freediving school, Evolve Freediving. Now they have decided that they want to share with you their love for the cruising lifestyle. In their newly developed Sailing and Powerboat Cruising Course, you will not only learn practical skills for managing and troubleshooting aspects of your boat, you will also learn how to manage the emotions and stresses involved with living in tight quarters with or without a family aboard.  The Chapmans will impart to you everything they’ve learned over the years about living and working together aboard their sailing vessel in hopes of making you a more competent and prepared cruiser.  With luck they’ll even succeed in conveying their passion for a life needing less and living more.

ditch bag Sailing and Powerboat Cruising Course
A ditch bag should be packed and ready to deploy in case the ship’s integrity is compromised.
Sailing and Powerboat Cruising Course climbing the mast vhf antenna nav lights
Ren changing the masthead bulbs from incandescent to LED. In equal light output bulbs, the incandescent will burn 2 amp/hrs verses 0.2 amp/hrs from an LED.

The Sailing and Powerboat Cruising Course will cover the following:

  • Planning a cruise
  • Choosing and familiarizing yourself with the vessel
  • Operation of engine, stove and head
  • Routine systems maintenance
  • Use, conservation and design of battery and charging systems
  • Water systems and conservation
  • Use and location of thru-hull fittings
  • Maneuvering under power and sail with emphasis on windage considerations and close quarters
  • Docking and anchoring techniques to include communications
  • Proper and safe handling of halyards and lines
  • Proper and safe use of winches
  • Sail selection and techniques
  • Overboard recovery procedures
  • Big boat heavy weather and reefing techniques
  • Heaving-to Sailing wing and wing on bigger boats
  • Boom preventer use
  • More knots and their applications
  • Log procedures
  • Rules of the Road Coast Guard requirements
  • VHF and other communications use
  • Cruising routes
  • Weather
  • GPS and other electronics use
  • Refrigeration
  • Propane use
jello on a boat comfort food Sailing and Powerboat Cruising Course
Captain Ren enjoying some cold jello aboard Nila Girl. Creature comforts keep crew moral high.

We will also discuss “Creature Comforts” while living on a sailboat.

After all it is our home for an extended period. This section of the course will cover the following:

  • sleeping
  • cooking
  • laundry
  • bathing
  • provisioning
sailing the coast of cuba Sailing and Powerboat Cruising Course
NIla Girl downwind sailing off the coast of Cuba bound for the Cayman Islands. Downwind sailing is actually a challenge and sail configuration plays a huge part in the comfort of the crew. When cruising, comfort is the second most important aspect behind safety.

For more information and pricing, give us a description of where you are in your plan to change your life forever. Ren or Ashley will get back with you as soon as possible and we look forward to helping you make your dreams come true.

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