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Here are a few facts about our journey thus far to put things into perspective.

Days since cast off: 23

Days total at sea: 11

Nights total at sea: 6

Fish caught trolling: 3 (one false albacore, one wahoo, one grouper)

Fish caught spearfishing: 1 hogfish by Ash 😉

Money spent so far on boat repairs and maintenance: too much

Trips for food provisions: 1

Haircuts for Oreo: 1

Haircuts for Ash and Ren: none (and won’t be anytime soon)

Fuel burned: 30 gallons

Injuries: 1 a piece

Vomit instances: NONE

Swims taken by Oreo: only 2 (1 off the dock and 1 off the surfboard)

Friends’ homes we’ve crashed at: 3

Mutiny threats: 1

Cuss words spoken: Arrgh we’re sailors matey, what do you think?

Cried because homesick: 3 by Ash, none by Ren or Oreo

Cities stopped in: 5